The concept of CRM in the business world has existed for many years. PBX-Pro CRM has been developed and designed specifically for the telecoms industry over the past 6 years.

PBX-Pro primary focus is to improve customer relations, staff efficiency and INCREASE PROFITS

PBX-Pro can help you improve customer service levels

PBX-Pro can help you increase revenue and profits

PBX-Pro can help you manage sales with its sales pipeline module

PBX-Pro has a proven multi-user platform with a number of installations at the top telecoms dealerships across the country

Features and Benefits:

  • ~ Customer Management
  • ~ Technical Fault logging with job cards
  • ~ Carrier¬†Line Logging
  • ~ Stock Control
  • ~ Repairs & Loans monitoring
  • ~ SMS & eMail
  • ~ Calendar Planning
  • ~ Functional Reports
  • ~ Knowledge Base
  • ~ Multi-Function Printer tracking (copy-clicks)
  • ~ Alarms


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